Corvette Projects


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The pictures above are of a 1977 corvette custom engine.The cid is 388, all parts, the crank is a light weight crower, rods are forged strokers 6", and the pistons are ross forged.Heads are AFR 200 cc runners.The valve train is all crower, solid roller cam,steel bed plate rockers, lifters are their solid roller hippo style. Manifold is world products victor style from accel as is the fuel injection system, it's a Gen7 with 42 lbs injectors.The throttle body is one of their new very low profile units ,it flow 1200 cfm. It has a dual synk distrutor, e-coil, and their electronic ignition box. All is controled by a Gen7 cpu and a dual wide band controler.Pulley system is a March style track one belt system.