Jline Wheels

JLine was founded in 2003 with the intent to deliver both strength and aesthetic to the true automotive enthusiast in the form of custom made forged wheels. We bring classy VIP Style to the US cars while still expressing art and creativity to the drifting community. JLine uses 6061-T6 forged aluminum components and aerospace grade materials to custom manufacture 2 and 3-piece wheels for your vehicle. Each set of wheels is manufactured to the exact specifications you require, whether it‚s a standard O.E. fitment or a custom one off set up. Our wheels also come in a wide array of colors and finishes in either a reverse lip or step lip design.
What is the Forging process?

The centers are heated then compressed which gives the material more strength with less weight. This in turn translates into less un-sprung weight without compromising strength. The reduced polar moment of inertia decreases the energy required to spin equaling faster acceleration, more efficient braking, and better handling.

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What is the difference between "SL" and "RL"?

The SL stands for "Stepped Lip".

The RL stands for "Reversed Lip" or "Flat Lip".

What do the numbers after the wheel styles mean?
Example: 6SL2
6 = spoke style.
-SL = Stepped Lip
-2 = 2piece construction.
Example: 10RL3
-10 = spoke style
-RL = Reversed lip (aka Flat Lip)
-3 = 3piece construction.

Do the lips come clear coated?
No they are uncoated and will need aluminum polish to bring back any shine.

What Bolt Patterns are offered?
We can do any bolt pattern from 4 lug to 6 lug.

What Offsets are available?
For the RL construction, we can go from +70et to -30et.
For the SL construction, we can go from +25et to -30et.

-Lifetime Warranty on manufacturer defect. (Must first be evaluated by our factory)
High Polish-1 Year
Silver-1 Year
Custom Color-1 Year
Brushed Aluminum-1 Year
Colored Chrome-3 Months on 3pc Only.

Color Options (prices are per wheel)
Polished: JLine standard finish. Pricing as listed on price list.
Silver: add $30
Custom Color: add $60
Brushed Aluminum: add $90
Ceramic Clear Coat: add $90
Colored Chrome: add $95

Repairs and Returns
If you are returning your wheels for damage repair or warranty issues, you must first contact Jline Wheels and describe the repairs. An RMA # will be issued to you. We will not accept wheels without this #. (Please note that we are not responsible for centercaps that are sent with the wheel. Please remove before sending.)