Volk Racing Wheels

In the 2007 Formula One Series, the Williams F1 Team raced on RAYS F1 racing wheels. Even though this was the debut season, the wheels proved to be highly competitive and reliable. The harshly competitive environment of F1 brings out the full potential of any parts suppliers,RAYS forged wheel technology passed the test with flying colors. At RAYS, the same experts are in charge of planning and designing racing wheels and road wheels. And for both types of wheel the same system, including the analytical equipment and forging presses right down to final quality control, are used. For instance, the VOLK RACING RE30 and the F1 wheel were developed at the same time. Forged wheels, which already enjoy a prominent presence in the market, have become quite familiar to car owners. Forged wheels made by RAYS embody formidable expertise in balancing lightness and rigidity. In designs that are exhaustively analyzed for rigidity, the form of our wheels immediately communicates high performance. RAYS offers various stylish designs of authentic high-performance forged wheels.








GT-C Face1