WORK Wheels

VS Sports High

WORK VS-XX.  The classic mesh design that is leading the pack.  WORK VS-XX is a true 3 piece modular wheel.  Utilizes the latest low-pressure cast center disk and barrel forming technique to assure the strength and quality.  VS-XX has diverse range of diameters, size and application.  The attractive styling and quality has made the VS-XX a top choice for many higher end coupes and sedans.



WORK VS-XX Rim 3Piece Wheel
CODE -VS-XX SIZE 18/19/20 inch

Application:    Japanese, European and Domestic vehicles.

(Reverse lip Rim)

Custom Bolt Pattern Available
(Please check if your size is available.)

Each Wheel Include:   Center Cap and Valve Stem

TPMS Compatible with certain vehicles.



Burning Silver (BS)
Extreme Gold (XG)
 2D Chrome (M)